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For all information about officiating in Wessex

  • WESSEX STAND ON REGISTRATION NUMBERS - Referees are reminded as per the referee's meeting and numerous communication throughout the season that NO licence entered on the scoresheet means NO Play! If scoresheets are not checked correctly by referees then referees will be held responsible and disiplinary action including fines maybe actioned. It is in your interest that this small and easy to manage rule is carried out!

  • DISCIPLINARY REPORT -  all floor officials are required to fill out a disciplinary form when a disqualifying foul is called or if a situation in a game or post game warrants it.  Please remember to state only facts as they occured and do not state what you thought or think should happen.  The attached disciplinary guide may help in formulating you report which should be submitted on the disciplinary report
  • BASKETBALL OFFICIATING FEES - For the first time in a number of years there has been an increase in the local league fees for a basketball referee. they are now as follows: 

    Level 1 = £10, Level 2 = £13, Level 3 £14, and Level 4 £15. The referees expense form has been updated with the new figures.
  • REFEREES APPOINTMENTS - Referees appointments are about to change, Wessex basketball will be adopting the system used by Basketball England.  It has yet to be released but will provide us with availability and a method of informing officials of their appts along with other features.

Wessex Basketball Association for men, ladies, women, juniors, boys, girls in Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire.


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